Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Constant Postponement.

Right, now I know why my tuition kid keeps postponing tuition all the time this year. She has a boyfriend. And she spends time at her boyfriend's house, so she keeps going home late, and keeps pushing my tuition. So, what should I do? Since she's more interested in her boyfriend, I can just give her up and let her be in love all she wants and fail her examinations. Maybe that will wake her up. Anyway, I'm just dreading going there as months pass by. Sick and tired of that kind of attitude. I should speak to her mum sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow. That will work.

Now, taking up a primary school student does have its advantages, no love/relationships to bother them. Computer games are easy to handle since parents still have much say. Secondary school students? Tougher.

Okay, time to look for a new student...