Friday, April 17, 2009

501th Post

不知不觉, I'm at my 501th post.

As usual, my random ramblings... Yesterday I gave my 小绵羊 a wipe down and a bath. It was accumulating dirt on the outer case. Oh, 小绵羊 is the name of my MacBook, or rather known as Little Lamb. Since it's white, it's a lamb. A cute one. Someone suggested that I should be called Little Bo Peep, since I have a lamb.

I had my hands on Rock Band on the guitar yesterday. Fabulously fun. Now, how's the initial plan of getting a Wii going? We shall KIV the plan since there are other things I need to get. But after my successful turn on the guitar yesterday, it could be my next big ticket purchase...

I'm a free person today because my student needs to go to the old folks' home. Prepared some materials for my tuition kid, and vacuumed and mopped the floor, cooked noodles and intending to head for a bath and get out to buy some snacks. Stock at home = zero. That is one torture. I need my snacks.

Tomorrow's the Division 'S' International Speech & Table Topics Contest. Our members are representing us, so I'm going down to support them... Thereafter, I'm hoping to go get a "sleeping bag" for my 小绵羊 so that I can bring it out to meet the world.

Off to the bathroom, and off to re-stocking the snacks!