Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dining Out.

Today was dine out day at Dome Cafe at Marina Square. Ok, do not order the lasagna, pizza hut's downright defeats it. Other than that, I think the rest should be okay. But blah, hope the people that dined with me had a good meal.

Then it was a walk around the outdoor area of Esplanade, all the way to Fullerton Hotel before ice cream at Andersen's. Oh well, bet it was a lil' too long of a walk. Nonetheless, it was nice. I'm still feeling nervous despite meeting again. I should be less self conscious. People matters over food right? *Sigh.*

Tomorrow's supposed to be a short day for me, but again had my tuition day changed because my student had school activities on this week. And her common test's next week. For genuinely wanting to help my student and for the money, I will persevere. Just feel like slumping into a comfy chair and stone there till I feel like getting up. I'm feeling damn restless.

Take me away.