Friday, December 12, 2008

Management of Personal Lifestyles

And another module coming to an end.

This module is a less lecture-more active kinda module.

For example, we do skinfold tests to check for our body fat composition,

We run 1.5 miles to measure endurance,

We kick boxed today, stretched and did yoga/pilates kinda exercises as well.

Also doing muscle endurance and strength tests.

After having stopped exercising for so long, I scored an average.

So much for the gold physical fitness tests awards huh.

Oh, but my muscles are sore from all the running... PAIN!

And so, having waited so long for this, it's only about a week more left in Oklahoma City.

How I wish this would be longer,

I struggle with the cold weather:

-The low temperatures,

-The howling winds that potentially can blow me away,

-The numbness in my hands despite wearing gloves,

-The layering of clothes to ensure I endure the cold
(Thermal, tee shirt, pullover, jacket then down jacket)

-Having to robe and disrobe when I enter and leave buildings

-Holding on to heat packs

-Breaths that produce little puffs of smoke in the air

Despite all, I have nice dinners because we get to cook,

Nice coordinators around here,

Friendly Oklahomans,

Fabulous Mass Comm Munchy Corner,

Funny Mister Donny, our bus driver,

BAH, I am not ready to leave, not even end of next week.

I don't mind waking up early at 7am every morning to head to school.


And oh, once again I survived an all time low of -7 degrees celsius.

With ice forming around everywhere...