Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Flight

After a:

- 1 hour flight to KL
-Transit of 2 hours
- 4 hour flight to Taipei
- Transit of 1 hour
- 10 hours flight to Los Angeles across the Pacific Ocean
- Transit for 3 hours
- 2 hour flight to Phoenix
- Transit of 2 hours + 2 hours delay
- 2 hours flight to Oklahoma City

I finally got to Oklahoma in about 30 hours. PHEW!

Luggage not lost, immigrations cleared smoothly,

Cab ride at 2am to the wrong hotel and one more cab ride to the right one,

Carrying my own luggage of 17.9kg and helping with Cheryl's 28kg luggage up the stairs,

We almost didn't believe we made it.

Yesterday was orientation and today was first day of classes.

Seriously, university here is different, in a good way.

But it gets really cold with the wind that I look like an eskimo with layered clothes and my down jacket.

Btw, it's 14 hours behind time here.

As of now, it is 9.56pm on my watch on 1 December.

Ah, tired out. Update again.

And oh, I love the peaceful town here.