Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learn the Art of Communication

I finally got a glimpse (or many glimpses) of why communication is an art.

If you have spoken to someone who:

- is very defensive just about everything (or about most stuff)

- uses the wrong tone when talking to you (most of the time)

- is not tactful at all (or most of the time) when speaking with the choice of words

- takes a step ahead to assume what you are trying to say even when you don't actually mean what the person concludes as

- interrupts you when you are talking to someone else

Until you just don't feel like talking to the person anymore,

Well, you probably met someone who needs some training in Toastmasters.

Seriously I think Toastmasters has done me some good,

I know how to be more tactful now, compared to the past.

I got well pissed off and just needed to let off some steam.

But I think you gotta change the way you communicate?

Or offend more people in future?

I'm not the perfect communicator, but I learn from my mistakes and change for the better.

There is time for jokes and time for serious matters.

So use the right tone at the right time.