Friday, April 25, 2008

Reflection Time

Reflections are way overdue,

It's time to face the wall and think again (面壁思过,or rather 闭关).

In between has been a real busy and horrendous week with little rest.

Add in a new thing to juggle and,


Esther goes bitchy, clingy, cranky, crazy, whiny (and any other adjectives ending with 'y').

She loses her usual calm composure, and so does the other who has had a bad week.

Maybe we should let this pass first, have enough rest first,

Before coming to it again.

I admit I have been procrastinating about reflecting,

But someone hit me hard on the head and said,

"You know some things can't be procrastinated,

Go find yourself some time and think about it."

Well, I am thinking about it now, I still am.
Why do things become so complicated when you grow up?