Monday, April 14, 2008

My 21st birthday

About an hour and 10 minutes more before 14 April passes.

I'm 21 and moving on.

It's really hard to believe when you reflect back,

And you realize that you've been through 21 years.

Suddenly the emotions come flooding in,

And there's this flashback.

Suddenly I become an adult, as defined by the law!

But on the other hand,

It feels great to throw a huge birthday bash.

Indeed fun, tiring, with an exploding guest list of 60.

As excited as I was, the bash seemed to just pass as I was busily entertaining guests.

The truth sinks in at the end when I gave my birthday speech.

I must say the cleaning up was horrendous.

But yeah, once in a lifetime!

If you were wondering about presents,

Well, I've got them in pictures,

Just that I haven't put it up yet.

For now, have fun with the birthday bash pictures.

Be sure to start from the bottom up, because it's in chronological order by post.
Personal feelings.

Really grateful to mum who brought me up single-handedly together with kor kor.

And to kor kor who was always there for me.

I also count my lucky stars for having known great friends and Toastmasters.

To those who came,

I appreciate your presence and your well-wishes.

To those who couldn't come,

I also appreciate your sms-es and well wishes.

It makes a difference.

Thank you so so much.

Yes, indeed, I'm a lucky girl.

To many better years to come.

21, here I come!