Sunday, January 20, 2008

Being Busy is Good, Sometimes.

Well buzz buzz buzz, as busy as a bee.

It gets you all tired at the end of the day,

With lesser time to blog.

But sometimes, it's a good thing,

Because your day is used up to the fullest.

No time is wasted, well, except for traveling time that is.

Can't really be helped since I like to stone while traveling,

Instead of reading or doing my work.
Had my half day at AIA Changi for Club Officers' Training for Toastmasters,

Managed to use about 1.5 hours to do some of my assignment.

Then went to Kalyn's 21st birthday thingy at Downtown East.

Cam whored like Kalyn-style, again.
Sometimes when I see families taking pictures together,

Mixed feelings overcome me.

Flash backs come.

Inspirations and motivations come.

Can't really explain what goes on mentally,

But it's those type of mixed feelings,

Both inspired yet it reminds me of not-so-nice memories.
After a long day, time to put some thoughts into words,

Time to have a long night chat with a buddy whom I haven't talked to in ages.

Well, those 1am - 3am calls are missed, my pal.