Sunday, September 02, 2007

What besties do with you...

My besties, one here, one in Australia...

We have almost nothing in common, except that we all like to have fun.

And these are the things we do together, what besties to together.

Besties are people who chiong Comex with you on Friday after a long day at work,

Have dinner together at HK cafe,

Spilt the dinner bill before ending the day with some strawberry sundae at Gelare,

At 10pm when the shop's about to close...

Besties are friends who share one ice-cream with you, because both of us are on low budget.

After a long Friday and reaching home late,
This bestie meets me up at City Hall again at 11.30am, with both of us late for 30 mins,
And then heading for lunch.

Besties are people who decide that it is more worth it to order two sets of lunches,
And share the food: deep fried pork, teriyaki chicken and some soft shell crab.

Then after some shopping, besties head to a stall which gives out free cotton candy...

And shares one pink fluffy cotton candy...

And of course, besties are friends who do crazy things with you...
Like taking the picture of cookie monster and me.

And then doing the vice versa.

Besties are also people who once again go to comex with you again the next day,
To accompany you to buy a printer, and giving you advice,
Before taking tired pictures of each other and blue-toothing it on the mrt home...
Well Serene, don't be jealous,
You can join us once you are back.
And we did not just go out,
We went around to search for your birthday present ok!