Saturday, August 25, 2007

Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contest

My trophy!

Yes, I am the champion for the club humourous speech contest,

My first CHAMPION trophy,

Which means I have to move on to the next level, the area level.

Beyond that, there's still the PA (People's Association) Humourous Speech Contest,

Which I'm supposed to represent the club.

I shall just use back the same speech,

Anyway I'm representing because no one's going.

So contests contests, here they come.

As we grow up, we sometimes realise how hard is it to maintain friendships.

From primary school, "I don't want to friend you anymore."

Till now, drifting apart and when you feel the cold shoulder,

It's really hard to get yourself to speak to that person again.

And we drift apart...

I was reading Serene's blog and her latest entry, a poem about friendship.

Serene and I are miles and miles apart, yet she calls me (long distance calls).

Appreciate appreciate. I mean if a friend staying a continent away can call,

Then why some friends just try to ignore you when you take the effort and trouble to just say hi?

Well, maybe some friendships are not worth the effort.