Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chill out on Saturday

I was out at TCC @ Circular Road on Saturday,

But too tired to upload some pictures, so here they are!

To kick off the chill-out at 5pm was my oreo milkshake!!

It's really nice, not too thick, with the oreo taste.


Ordered this Beef Mozza Tofu - but forgot to take picture 'cause too hungry.

Tofu + sukiyaki sauce with cheese on top, baked. Must try!

Chatting chatting, I took a picture with Lani.

Silas & Barry were there too, but didn't take photos with the guys..

Then some 自恋 pictures to go in my phone camera...

Too excited when taking the picture, so it was blurred.

Second and third tries didn't give such a nice smile while I was lying on the beanbag,

So this looked the best.

Then Barry wanted to take my picture with his HUGE camera phone,

I was reluctant, hence the face.

Don't ask me why my shirt is so crumpled,

It is supposed to be!