Sunday, July 29, 2007

Charlene's 21st birthday bash

Today (28 July 2007) was Charlene's 21st birthday bash at 'The Metz',

A condominium function room at Somerset.

The theme was 'White' so expect everyone there to be in white, except the birthday girl.

This is the birthday girl!!! (aka my JC mate)

And this was her cake. You will see the remains of the cake later.

But cute eh?
The bash was supposed to start at 6.30pm, so I was there early, see still bright.
Then I decided to take photos with the balloon.

Then we started to eat!!! Haha, too hungry so forgot to take pictures of the food.
This was the chocolate eclair that we all enjoyed.
The cream would spurt out when you sunk your teeth into it.

This is Alicia, my JC mate too, we were always together in JC.

She has the makings of a model. *Grin*

This is Nicolez, another JC mate of mine, always hung out together during JC days.
She's up for the advertising industry.

And there was chocolate fondue!!!
See the rich thick creamy chocolate!!
I had like 5-6 rounds of it. *Sugar rush*

After like 4-5 rounds of food, we went outside to take a walk and chat.
I saw this spot to take a crazy picture, so this was it.

When we went back to the function room, the lights were off,
Look like I was clubbing right?

Then it was more chocolate fondue in the dark... Muahahaha...

And finally, the birthday girl cut her cake, and this was the remains of the bear.

I love my camera phone since the pictures turn out so well.

But the day out was great, it has been a long time since I met my JC mates.


My 21st birthday comes next year.