Sunday, July 08, 2007


Serene and RP, as most of you would know are my besties from secondary school.

Since Serene's back from aussie for a short break, of course we had to meet up.

So the missy gets to choose... And we end up at Pepper Lunch.

Halfway eating, we exchanged presents.

Somehow it's not said, but...

We would just buy a little something for each other,

Each time Serene comes back.

She has something for us, and we have something for her.

I guess that's the beauty of friendship,

Certain things just don't require it to be said, right Serene & RP?

So RP & I bought the baby pink handphone sock for Serene.

Now all of us have similar socks for our handphones...

Later on, I was buying my shoes as you seen earlier, so Serene started snapping...

In front of the mirror.

So, these are the products of it.

Because it's the reflection, my body gets cut off.... HAHA...

I love my gurlfriends!