Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Long awaited pictures dedicated to Serene Chan

Serene and RP are my besties since secondary school.

But Serene is now in Australia pursuing her studies,

Leaving me and RP in Singapore.

What to do? Both RP and I go out together. 相依为命。。。

This was the pictures taken with RP when we went to Orchard.

We were tired and thirsty, so a rest-stop at Mos Burger starting our shots.

This is RP. (Rui Ping is her name, lah.)

I was showing off my newly bought ring on the left. It's the shape of a crown.

And Serene, RP and I each have this handphone sock.
We decided to get you one too.
Guess which is yours, RP's or mine.