Saturday, February 17, 2007

My dental appointment

If you didn't know about me going for dental appointments,

I make it a point to visit the dentist every 6 to 8 months for my regularly check-ups,

Cleaning & scaling etc.

Although I visit frequent enough, sensitive teeth of mine makes it...worse.

And so S$54 had to go today.

Fortunately or unfortunately,

The dentist detected something! And he drew a picture for me as well...

Here is a replica of it...

By the way, that was how he drew my teeth.
See the black spot on the 7th molar?
There's a cavity there and it cannot be filled up due to the angulation of the teeth,
It is tilted backwards and blocked by the gum.
According to the doctor, the angulation could be due to the growing wisdom tooth.
And because it could cause problems later on,
And the 6th and 7th molars are useful molars...
He gave me a deal.
I can consider a surgery to cut the gums that are covering the 7th molar,
And stitch it lower so that it will be easier to clean next time.
At the same time, if an X-ray shows that I do have a wisdom tooth,
Then I can remove it at the same time.
After that, then I can deal with the cavity.
Alright, bad enough it sounds horribly painful,
It will have to take S$700 bucks away.
Yes, it is expensive but I've decided to take the plunge,
Afterall, I don't want more problems to cost more money later on.
Why not just settle it once and for all?
But the dentist says: Go enjoy your Chinese New Year first!
I like my dentist 'cause he's funny.
A dialogue that went on today while cleaning my teeth:
Doc: Open your mouth bigger.
Me: *Stretches as big as I can*
Doc: Bigger!
Me: I have "ying tao xiao zui" can?
(Translation: I have small cute mouth.)
Doc: Sorry, you don't have lor.