Monday, February 12, 2007

Inferior quality?

I've probably never felt so rotten before.

Then just let me be the rotten apple in your eyes,

And him the apple of your eyes.

I'll probably never be as good as you think of him,

As wise as him.

Just always a level lower than him.

All I want is just appreciation which I've never got,

Encouragement when I need which I never got.

Nothing in return but just 'thanks' after helping you which I NEVER GOT.

So why are you blaming me for not helping you,

And helping others?

That's because people appreciate what I do,

Unlike you who although know me for 20 years.

You said you are fair,

But you are NOT.

How come he never has to do the things that you FORCE me to do?

How come I get blamed for things he did as well?

Then I'll just quit school and earn money for you,

So that I will at least be more equally seen in your eyes.

How fair is that?

This is probably the first time I talked back,

That's because there's also a limit to my patience.

Probably things will turn for the better if I wasn't around in this world.

I'm sure you totally agree.